Moving Forward

Happy Friday!

Tony and I have been apartment hunting, once again. Yes, it was just September when we last moved, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

It has only been this week that we’ve really actually jumped in completely to search. I’ve been going out during the day while he’s at work to narrow down the options. To be short, there aren’t many options. Apparently wanting a large kitchen with a dishwasher, 2 parking spaces, and to be in a great area IS too much to ask.

In each of the places we’ve seen, my biggest focus has been on the kitchen. I mean, I spend so much time in there, I have to love it! I saw one place yesterday that was just remodeled. It was gorgeous… except it was missing a stove. It had a range hood, but no range to speak of. Um?

If we don’t have a dishwasher, I may NEVER leave the kitchen. We use so many dishes for there only being 2 of us!

I have also noticed that the closer to the heart of Los Angeles we get, the smaller the places get. I walked into one yesterday and immediately wondered where the couch would go and if our mattress would actually fit in the “master” bedroom. I think if we went with that place we would have to get bunk beds.

So the search continues. In the mean time, I’ll be packing up our lives. It seems like we JUST finished UNpacking, and now it’s all going back into boxes. So bummed.


On that note, I want to wish all the moms out there, and especially my own mom who is always loving and supportive of me, a very happy Mother’s Day!


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