Trip Up the Coast

The fact that today is Saturday is bizarre to me. I feel like I just HAD a weekend. On Wednesday, Tony and I drove up to Pismo Beach to attend the wedding of some friends. Tony was in the wedding so he had to wear to a tux and I liked that.

My love and I

Props to me, by the way, for successfully straightening my naturally curly hair without a hair brush. These are the things you forget to pack at 5am before driving up the coast.

Speaking of the coast:

That is where the wedding ceremony was held. Such a GORGEOUS California evening.

The bride is also a vegan, so we had some awesome vegan stuffed mushrooms and gnocchi with a chimichurri sauce and even the cake was vegan! The cake, which Tony pointed out tasted like an oreo, was fabulous. It also gave me the most insane sugar high. Don’t worry though, I danced through it!

On Thursday, we drove up to San Luis Obispo to lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. It was so great to see them again!

Did you all know that there is an ally in that city that is COVERED in gum? It smells like a giant ball of rotting gum. It’s disgusting.

Seriously, that’s all chewed gum. GROSS! We didn’t walk down the ally, just stood on the sidewalk and gagged at each other.

We headed home after lunch and arrived just around dinner time. Long drive, LA traffic. Then we both went into work on Friday. So, you see, this being  Saturday is weird.

Giveaway winners part II

So, I still haven’t heard from all of our winners from the original SooFoo giveaway. If you’re listed there, please send me an email with your mailing address. I have some SooFoo for you!

Next, the winner of the second coming of the giveaway is Jennifer Shelton! Jennifer, send me your address and I’ll get that out to you ASAP!

Finally, one of my totally RAD readers sent me some pictures of their garden. I am so jealous of how beautiful it is, I just HAD to share with you all:

Lan’s garden is absolutely amazing! Here’s what Lan is growing: corn, 4 types tomatoes, 3 types bell peppers, watermelon, sugar pumpkins, beets, carrots, lettuce, kale, 2 types cucumbers, brocolli, chinese brocooli, string beans, cantaloupe, green and yellow zucchini, crookneck, strawberries, some sort of mexican squash, potatoes

If you have some great pics you want to share with me and the other readers, please send them to me! I love knowing what my wonderful readers are up to! If any of you are growing a veggie I haven’t featured, or if you’re wondering what to do with a certain ingredient, let me know!


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