Let’s Book It!

My awesome coworkers gave me a birthday present the other day. It consisted of a couple of vegan cookbooks (!) and a couple of gift cards, Sur la Table being one of them. I’m super excited about that.

What’s funny, is that just a few days prior to me opening these gifties, I had been looking at and almost purchased one of the cookbooks!

This is written by the personal chef for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. First of all, I want a personal chef. Secondly, I’ll settle for using this dude’s recipes.

Tony surprised me by making dinner! Yay! He even used one of the recipes from the book. It took him an hour to make, and I enjoyed sitting nearby as he made a mess in the kitchen.

The results:

Today I tried my hand at the recipe for Red Beans and Rice. This was the first time I had had a dish like this, so I had no idea what I was making or what to expect.

It turned out really good. It also made enough for an army. On the right, a container getting ready to be frozen for a meal later next week. On the left, a single serving.

The pasta dish that Tony made was very similar to the Thai Asparagus Pasta recipe I have, but it has a few more ingredients, and PEANUT BUTTER! That’s probably the worlds most perfect food. Probably….

Now, the only problem I have with the cookbook is that the author/chef uses a lot of “vegan products.” Not that these products aren’t helpful, it’s just that I would prefer to eat a little cleaner. One shouldn’t always have to add Daiya cheese into a meal or Tofurkey sausages, like with the red beans and rice. I do like that he uses a cashew cream a lot. That’s great! I prefer my meals to be real, whole foods. I try to stay away from the processed vegan foods as much as possible, while still being realistic. Let’s face it, sometimes these products are just so EASY!

All in all? I’ve only tried 2 recipes, but from what I can tell, they’re pretty darn good. I recommend you pick up a copy and try out some of the recipes. They’re not ones that you always find in vegan cookbooks. I know that a lot of times it seems like all the books out there have the same recipes. This one is definitely different! Depending on your comfort level in the kitchen, you can also substitute things out in the recipe instead of using the same ingredients he uses. I’m not usually one to follow directions.



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