About Fresh Spinach

My name is Lisa and I live in Los Angeles with my wonderful husband, Tony, and our 2 CRAZY cats, Fonzie, and Jimi.

A couple of years ago, Tony and I decided to try a vegetarian diet to lose weight and just feel better. We loved the results so much we decided to officially change our lifestyles to vegetarian.

Eventually, I also cut out dairy after discovering my lactose intolerance was causing some major problems. Shortly thereafter, I went full-tilt vegan, and haven’t looked back since.

Now more than two years later, I feel better than I ever have.   I still consider myself very new to the vegetarian/vegan world. This is my journey of learning new things about the diet, lifestyle, new recipes, and the bumps along the road. Hopefully I will inspire others to join the ranks of vegans across the world, and support those who need it in their own lives as vegans.

I have discovered that there are so many resources for vegans out there! Not just recipes, but motivation to keep going even when those around you are mean about your new lifestyle.

It seems easy for many people to make fun of or cut down vegans. Through this blog and through the support of the online vegan community, I am stronger, and know that I will be vegan for life!

In October 2012, I earned my certification in plant-based nutrition through Cornell.


Follow me on Twitter as I share my day to day experiences, new recipes, and great articles! @fresh_spinach or click the Twitter link on the top of the page.

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11 thoughts on “About Fresh Spinach

  1. I highly encourage a vegetarian/vegan-ISH lifestyle. While I have not cut out animal products completely, I DO try to eat meat less than once a week and eggs and cheese only a few times a week. Cheese is the hardest thing to omit, so I dont but I buy REAL, organic cheeses. I think it’s better at least. Anyway, new to your blog but excited to follow!

  2. We are neither vegan nor vegetarian but I am trying to include more meatless as well as healthier and creative options. I’m looking forward to checking out your archives and following future posts.

    • Welcome to the blog! I understand that vegan/vegetarianism is not for everyone, but I certainly encourage more meatless options. If you have any questions or recipe requests let me know. Enjoy!

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