Giveaway: New Vegan Cookbook!

A while back, I wrote about my favorite vegan cookbooks. This post was at the request of a reader, and I was happy to oblige.

One of the books, the 30 Minute Vegan, has been a savior of sorts for my busy life. I was thrilled to learn, recently, that the author came out with a new book, the 30 Minute Vegan Taste of Europe.


My parents gave this book to Tony and myself this Christmas, and it has been the best gift! Since we got it, I’ve made so many GREAT recipes!

The book includes recipes like, French Onion Soup, Baked Vegan Schnitzel, Roasted Butternut Squash with Truffle Cream Sauce and MORE!

Schnitzel and Brussels Sprouts with Red Cabbage

Schnitzel and Brussels Sprouts with Red Cabbage


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup


Asparagus Hollandaise and Butternut Squash

Asparagus Hollandaise and Butternut Squash


Here’s the best part of all this: because this is such a great cookbook, I want to give one of my awesome readers a copy of the book!!!

So here’s how to enter:

1. Like the Fresh Spinach Facebook Page and Follow Fresh Spinach on Twitter. Tweet or post on the Facebook page your favorite French recipe you can’t wait to veganize!

2. Leave a comment here and tell me which recipe you can’t wait to try. Don’t know which one? Check out the book on Amazon, here!

You can enter a max of three times. All entries must be in by Sunday, January 6 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.


Good luck!






A week late, but Tony and I finally dug into our anniversary cake. Year old cake!

It was sort of exciting to unwrap the top tier of our wedding cake. It was certainly a surprise to find the little “Happy Anniversary” decoration on there. I was unaware that it existed!

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Balancing Act

I am learning how to balance work and life. It’s a hard lesson to learn, sometimes.

The last two nights, though, have felt completely SANE. Time to relax and have a pleasant conversation with my husband (check), time to play with the cats (check), time to work on the blog (check). I’m winning this race, yet.

Monday night, I was able to cook dinner for the first time in ages! Well, I made dinner on Sunday too, but that wasn’t really cooking!


spiralized zucchini and carrots with a spicy peanut sauce (homemade peanut butter!), topped with pepitas! Refreshing!

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A “Break” from the Usual Weekend

This past weekend I traveled to Texas to join my lovely cousin in running a 5k Jailbreak mudrun.

We ran just over 3 miles, climbed over walls, through tires, up cargo nets and trudged through pits of mud, small lakes, and army crawled in dirt under “barbed” wires. Sound horrible? It wasn’t. It was AWESOME!

As I write this, I am on the plane flying home to Los Angeles from Dallas, Texas. My whole body is sore from Saturday’s adventure, and my little ankle is also raging at me.

Here’s a quick play-by-play on my run:

Our heat started at 11, but because we overslept a bit, we started with the 11:30 heat. And “heat” was a very good term for it. The Texas sun was beating down on us as we started our first mile.

As with any run, the first mile was HORRENDOUS. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it. It started with a run down a short hill and slipping through a ditch full of thick mud. Lovely. After a while, we were running through the shaded part of the race and then came the first REAL obstacle. We had to climb up a pile of bales of hay. These bales were huge and came up to my chest. Good luck, right?

I made it over, barely, and crawled my hay-covered lazy butt to the first water station.

From there, though, I picked up. I still walked a bit, but was able to run a lot more. My knee (yeah, that same knee that’s been giving me grief for over a year) started to hurt a little bit, but it went away and I continued.

Obstacle after obstacle was overcome. I was having a BLAST!

We passed the mile 2 water station and I was feeling good. Shortly after that, I stepped on something that made me twist my ankle and almost stumble dramatically to the ground. My ankle hurt a bit, I managed to catch myself from face-planting into the grass, and I moved on.

There was a bit of a line leading up to the next obstacle so I got a bit of a rest for my ankle. By the time it was my turn to climb over the muddy wall, I was feeling fine again.

I was able to finish the rest of the race easily and enjoyed every minute of it bonding with my fellow racers.

After we got unceremoniously hosed off, we headed back to the car and to Central Market for lunch. Central Market, I guess, is a Texas thing. It’s a bit like a Whole Foods and has glorious things to eat for lunch.

After lunch we decided to walk around the store and gather items for dinner.

That’s when it all went downhill. My ankle began to hurt so much that touching it KILLED me. I broke out into a sweat trying to breathe through the pain. I ended up riding in the shopping cart out of the store. Ridiculous sight, I’m sure.

I had no idea an ankle could possibly hurt so much!

However, a strict regimen of ice-heat-ibuprophen-repeat seems to really be helping. Crutches and an airport wheelchair have gotten me where I am. I am fully certain that I’ll be fine by Tuesday. I’m a total fighter!

What do I have to show for my fight through the mud?

1)   a wounded ankle

2)   a perfectly fine knee (everybody had bets going that my knee would give out)

3)   cuts and bruises on my knees and shins (the sign of a warrior)

4)   a bright orange shirt declaring that I participated in an awesome race, and

5)   a cheap medal that I wore with pride after the race.

6)   Memories of slopping around in mud, laughing hysterically with my cousin

For lunch on Sunday (after getting me crutches and a new ankle wrap), we went to Spiral diner in Dallas. (More about all the food in another post).


How was your weekend?!


Somewhere in San Diego

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! I mean, I know I went to work yesterday, but where did my weekend go!?

Saturday was mostly going all over town running errands. The best kind of errands, though. The kind that involve jewelry stores and Veggie Grill and the Grove. The last few times we hit the Veggie Grill we had celebrity sightings. Not this time, though. I feel so “L.A.” when we have outings like that. Also, the fact that I work in the Valley and drive by Warner Brothers, Disney, Atlantic Records… it ain’t no thang.

On Sunday we took a break from Los Angeles freeways and the weird humid/rainy weather and headed down to San Diego where it was also humid and rainy and equally as weird.

We joined my brother and his lovely wife, Rebecca, for lunch, drinks and shopping.

Lunch at Evolution:

Barbecue chick’n sandwich. One taste and I said, “this is like the fried chick’n of my dreams!”

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