Door of Opportunity

When I was a little girl, my parents used to make a joke when someone left the car door slightly open.

“When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar!”

It’s so dumb that it still makes me laugh.

Today I find that the door of great opportunity is no longer a door; it’s ajar.

Here’s to a huge life change.



Our Anniversary Trip Part I

Election Day is upon us! Finally!

This means it will be an end to those horribly annoying television and radio ads. I know that living in California (obviously not a swing state) has buffered me from most of the ads, but the last week was brutal! If you’re living in Ohio, you can turn your TV on again tomorrow.

Truthfully, I’m only closely watching the Presidential election and the California Prop. 37 race.

So,  while we in the U.S. await the results of our Presidential election, here is a recap of the trip that Tony and I took for our very first wedding anniversary.

We traveled up to San Francisco, stayed downtown, and had a blast. (I’m inserting some smaller pictures to make this easier to load.)

On Thursday I flew into SFO and went to a Flamenco show for dinner at Pena Pachamama.

The view from our hotel room

The show at Pena Pachamama on Thursday night.

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Could it be?

Could it possibly finally be Fall here in Los Angeles?

I use the term “Fall” loosely because, as you may or may not know, Los Angeles isn’t exactly known for its Fall weather.

The temperature is no longer in the triple digits (one can only handle 116 for a small amount of time) and has dropped into the 70s. Yes, in Los Angeles 75 degrees equals Fall. To be fair, though, it was overcast all day today. That was LOVELY!  I may be a California girl, but I’m a cold, cloudy, rainy, foggy kinda gal!

So, to celebrate Los Angeles’ arrival into the most glorious of seasons, I made a chocolate pumpkin pie smoothie for breakfast!

I started with a heaping scoop of pumpkin:

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Monday, Monday…

Once again, I start off the week apologizing for the lack of posts the week before.

Here’s what’s been going on:

– Last week I had multiple 10+ hour days at work (ouch)
– When I wasn’t going to bed early (9pm), I was doing homework for my plant-based nutrition course.
– I got my iPhone 5 in the mail. It was like Christmas and I was giddy.
– Still recovering from the sprained ankle. I’m walking just fine, but it’s unsteady.
– I did not cook. Not once. Tony cooked once, but I did not.
– Tony was offered a great new job opportunity. In celebration, we finally popped open the bottle of Pinot Noir we’d been holding onto for 3 years. It was lovely.

Here’s what I’m hoping next week brings:

– Tony agreed to pick up the cooking duties 2x a week. He is my hero.
– More good news, because you can never have enough.
– The case for my new phone. It feels naked and sad without a case.
– Recovery from last week. Weekends just aren’t long enough.
– Less chaos

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Here comes the weekend!

I guess I just took an unintentional hiatus. There are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything.

Here’s a list of things I’ve been up to:

– Work

– Certification course on plant-based nutrition (I’m so excited about this!)

– Gym

That’s about it. Funny how life sucks the hours away from you.

I can’t even remember last weekend at this point. But that’s ok! Today, I’m headed out to Dallas, TX to visit family and compete in the Jailbreak race! By compete, of course, I mean that I will lose. But I will lose in muddy fun.

I can’t wait to share my pictures with you.

For now, I’m off to LAX!