Flu Season + Giveaway Winner!!

Happy Flu Season, friends. If you’re following the news here in the U.S., then you know that this is being called one of the worst flu seasons in quite some time.

The foods you eat can have a substantial impact on your health, and there are many amazing and natural foods you can eat to boost your immune system and outsmart this flu virus this year.

Unfortunately, Tony and I weren’t able to avoid the flu, but from what I understand, it could have been a million times worse for us. Most of the time I was able to keep my energy up, and last Thursday I worked from home. I don’t want to be that person in the office who gets everyone else sick.

For dinner on Sunday I made a soup from the new cookbook (and giveaway prize). I made the creamy chestnut soup. Amazing!

The soup included 1 cup of fresh shiitake mushrooms. Shiitakes are known for their excellent immune boosting properties and can help us get back into fighting shape!

A bonus: our shiitakes were SUPER fresh and organic because they were grown by Tony!!!



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Christmas Eve Tamale Factory

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, another holiday, or just a normal Monday, I hope you spend today with the ones you love most.

Today is a day to be thankful for your family and your fur babies. It’s also a day for fun, so dive headfirst into all of your gifts!



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How a Rice Cooker Keeps Me Sane

I’m not quite sure how, but life has become so busy that I haven’t even had the chance to turn on my computer for weeks. Ridiculous, I know.

Suffice it to say, I am sorry that I’ve been MIA since Thanksgiving.

I was joking last week with my mother, telling her that if we didn’t own a slow cooker or a rice cooker, Tony and I would never eat! Being able to put dinner together at 5am, then having it ready to eat when you get home (last Wednesday that time was 8:30 pm) makes life just a bit easier.

I suppose it’s just that time of year. The time when your weekends are occupied by shopping for gifts and going to holiday parties. When your week nights consist of making up the household chores you didn’t do over the weekend. Did you know that in our apartment building, Monday nights seem to be the most popular time to do laundry?

Teriyaki tofu


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How to Roast a Pumpkin

I finally got around to roasting that pumpkin. A while back I stated that my goal this Fall was to roast a pumpkin and use the puree to bake something. So, the day before Thanksgiving, I made a BRAVE trip to Whole Foods (which wasn’t too bad since it was 7am) and purchased a couple of pumpkins.

I skipped the gym that day (and I’m glad I did) and just spent the entire day in the kitchen. I started out by roasting the pumpkin and getting the decadent desserts started.

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