Leftover Mania

This week has been full of leftovers.

Our Christmas meal wasn’t what you would call traditional. We had tamales that we had made a few days beforehand, enchiladas, pinto beans, rice and salad.

This is what we’ve been eating for lunch everyday.

The good news is that by now we’ve finished half of our tamales. The rest of the tamales have been frozen so we can eat them later and not get burnt out on them.

The enchiladas are gone, too. In fact, the only thing left is a half a can on pinto beans.

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Dessert Fail for the Ages

It was the day before Christmas. I decided to bring a dessert for the family to share at the Christmas Eve celebration. I failed so hard.

Last Friday, my intern made me a batch of these amazing Magical Coconut Bars. I had been wanting to try the recipe and she beat me to it. So, following her inspiration, I went ahead and tried my hand at it.

Note: If you’re going to make this recipe (and you should because it’s SO YUM!), follow the directions and USE PARCHMENT PAPER!

What transpired was nothing short of a mess.



Seriously, it’s a mess. The crust was left behind in the pan (see note above regarding parchment paper.) There was nothing “bar” shaped about this dessert. Now, don’t get me wrong, the flavor was amazing. I’m (not so secretly) eating some for breakfast right now.

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Surprise Food Truck

Something I love about going out with Tony is that we always seem to meet new people.

The other night, we went to a local wine bar for a date night. Each time we go to this wine bar, we meet someone new and just generally enjoy the eclectic crowd.

This last visit was no different. As we walked in, we noticed a food truck outside–Rounds Burgers.

As usual, we ignored it and walked inside. So many people in the wine bar were eating from the truck that the smell of the fries finally got to us and Tony went out and ordered some for us.

As it turned out, the man sitting next to us, George, was the owner of the food truck! We all got to talking, and he told us about his business. Tony inquired about whether or not their veggie burger was vegan and he told us how to order it vegan (no butter, no bun). Then, to our surprise, George treated us to a vegan veggie burger!

(Forgive the ill-lighted cell phone pictures)

The patty was delicious, served wrapped in lettuce with huge hunks of onion and large slices of jalepeno. The spice was incredible, the flavor was intense. I loved it! It left my face burning for some time after eating, too. That was fun.

The french fries we got (no picture) came with some awesome chipotle ketchup.

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How a Rice Cooker Keeps Me Sane

I’m not quite sure how, but life has become so busy that I haven’t even had the chance to turn on my computer for weeks. Ridiculous, I know.

Suffice it to say, I am sorry that I’ve been MIA since Thanksgiving.

I was joking last week with my mother, telling her that if we didn’t own a slow cooker or a rice cooker, Tony and I would never eat! Being able to put dinner together at 5am, then having it ready to eat when you get home (last Wednesday that time was 8:30 pm) makes life just a bit easier.

I suppose it’s just that time of year. The time when your weekends are occupied by shopping for gifts and going to holiday parties. When your week nights consist of making up the household chores you didn’t do over the weekend. Did you know that in our apartment building, Monday nights seem to be the most popular time to do laundry?

Teriyaki tofu


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