Dessert Fail for the Ages

It was the day before Christmas. I decided to bring a dessert for the family to share at the Christmas Eve celebration. I failed so hard.

Last Friday, my intern made me a batch of these amazing Magical Coconut Bars. I had been wanting to try the recipe and she beat me to it. So, following her inspiration, I went ahead and tried my hand at it.

Note: If you’re going to make this recipe (and you should because it’s SO YUM!), follow the directions and USE PARCHMENT PAPER!

What transpired was nothing short of a mess.



Seriously, it’s a mess. The crust was left behind in the pan (see note above regarding parchment paper.) There was nothing “bar” shaped about this dessert. Now, don’t get me wrong, the flavor was amazing. I’m (not so secretly) eating some for breakfast right now.

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