Giveaway: New Vegan Cookbook!

A while back, I wrote about my favorite vegan cookbooks. This post was at the request of a reader, and I was happy to oblige.

One of the books, the 30 Minute Vegan, has been a savior of sorts for my busy life. I was thrilled to learn, recently, that the author came out with a new book, the 30 Minute Vegan Taste of Europe.


My parents gave this book to Tony and myself this Christmas, and it has been the best gift! Since we got it, I’ve made so many GREAT recipes!

The book includes recipes like, French Onion Soup, Baked Vegan Schnitzel, Roasted Butternut Squash with Truffle Cream Sauce and MORE!

Schnitzel and Brussels Sprouts with Red Cabbage

Schnitzel and Brussels Sprouts with Red Cabbage


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup


Asparagus Hollandaise and Butternut Squash

Asparagus Hollandaise and Butternut Squash


Here’s the best part of all this: because this is such a great cookbook, I want to give one of my awesome readers a copy of the book!!!

So here’s how to enter:

1. Like the Fresh Spinach Facebook Page and Follow Fresh Spinach on Twitter. Tweet or post on the Facebook page your favorite French recipe you can’t wait to veganize!

2. Leave a comment here and tell me which recipe you can’t wait to try. Don’t know which one? Check out the book on Amazon, here!

You can enter a max of three times. All entries must be in by Sunday, January 6 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.


Good luck!



Dessert First

Recently, I did a post on some of my favorite cookbooks for healthy vegan cooking. As luck would have it, documentary and New York Times Bestseller, Forks Over Knives have recently released (or are releasing soon) a new companion cookbook. While the original book already has a number of recipes, this book is much bigger and has some amazing recipes to try out.

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That’s Life + Giveaway Winners!!!

Happy Sunday to you all! This weekend has been nice. I like when it turns out to be different than I expected. Saturday went by in a BLUR! After hitting the gym and getting my butt kicked by my new personal trainer (I’ve had two sessions and I’m amazed at the changes I’m already seeing.), Tony and I headed out to my parents house for lunch.

After that, we picked up Tony’s tux for a wedding that he’s a groomsman for. The wedding is this Wednesday and I’m excited to head out there and celebrate with our friends. The beautiful bride is vegan too so I’m excited for some wedding cake!

For a while, Tony and I had been discussing getting new computers for our up coming birthdays. Our birthdays are a day apart so we always do a big thing for both. One year we went on a cruise. So, we decided we might be interested in switching to Macs after always being PC people. We headed over to the Apple store just to take a look and see what the options are. Nearly 2 hours later, we walked out with 2 MacBook Pros. Happy early birthday to me!

On the agenda for today is some MAJOR grocery shopping. We didn’t go last week, I think. Either way, we’re in serious need of groceries. We’re out of quinoa, rice, veggies, and anything else tasty. I need to refresh my smoothie ingredients, since I now have some Sunwarrior protein powder to try out.

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Disaster Averted and a GIVEAWAY!!

I used to make fun of myself for having an array of really sharp knives. I thought it was funny that I only used these knives to cut veggies and tofu. But, it’s really important to have sharp knives. Not just for ease of use, but also for safety.

I remembered this as I was using a dull knife to try to hack the leaves off a stem of kale. I thought, “this really should be this hard.” Then I realized that I needed to sharpen my knife. So, friends, your PSA for the day: Sharp knives are a MUST in a vegan kitchen! Needless to say, I stopped my fruitless hacking, sharpened my knife, cleaned it, and got back to work and it was SO MUCH easier.

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