Breakfast of Champions

Nothing is more pathetic than the way I hobble myself around when my knee is acting up, and it has been downright rude lately. Suffice to say, I’m super pathetic at the moment.

Worse yet? It takes me much longer to hobble places than it does to walk. So when I went to run errands and parked equally between 3 of the stores I need to go to, crossing that ridiculously hot pavement became suddenly more treacherous.

I ran those errands about 4 hours ago and I’m still trying to stop sweating. Those cats better be thankful for what I went through to get them more treats.

Los Angeles has yet to cool down from this dumb heatwave. I mean, it’s still hovering somewhere between 98-100 which I GUESS is cooler than has been. In reality, after the temperatures surpass 98, it’s all a blur to me.

When we woke up (really late) this morning, it was already 81 degrees in the house. UGH. Then I made breakfast. As I was sweating and sautéing, the temperature climbed. Tony finally turned on the a/c as I was plating this delicious breakfast.

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4th of July Eats and Adventures

Hope you all had a happy 4th yesterday. Mine was… interesting.

Since the day is usually celebrated with hot dogs and hamburgers, Tony and I had vegan chili dogs for our lunch!

Obviously it’s not the healthiest option, but who says the 4th of July has to be healthy all the time?

Tofurkey hotdogs, Amy’s black bean chili and Daiya pepperjack shreds. So yum! I made up for it today with a salad for lunch. I’ll also be heading back to the gym this afternoon. It’ll all work out.

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