Raid the Grocery Store

Sometimes you have to raid the kitchen to throw things together. Other times, you run to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to throw together. Same thing, right?

Pasta with weird orb squash, tomatoes, olives, chard, garlic, onion, toasted pine nuts and saut├ęd tofu. Drizzled with soy sauce. Continue reading


Trip Up the Coast

The fact that today is Saturday is bizarre to me. I feel like I just HAD a weekend. On Wednesday, Tony and I drove up to Pismo Beach to attend the wedding of some friends. Tony was in the wedding so he had to wear to a tux and I liked that.

My love and I

Props to me, by the way, for successfully straightening my naturally curly hair without a hair brush. These are the things you forget to pack at 5am before driving up the coast.

Speaking of the coast:

That is where the wedding ceremony was held. Such a GORGEOUS California evening.

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